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Welcome to Hazelnut Dental

You may have navigated here because you’re looking for a new dentist. I am truly glad that you are doing your research because there has to be a connection when finding the right dentist for you and your loved ones. We hope that our website, video, and great online reviews best shows you who we are.

We are here to build a relationship through honesty, transparency, and customer service; and our treatment philosophy is reflected by this. We are not only here to address your immediate dental needs, but to take your hand and direct you through ways to come up with a preventive action plan. Some may call our philosophy conservative, but we at Hazelnut Dental just see it as treating every client like family.

-Dr. Joshua Kim


Joshua Kim, DDS
General and Esthetic Dentist, founder of Hazelnut Dental


Dr. Josh was born and raised in Minnesota and fondly remembers the hours of playing outside in the hot summers and frigid winters. After high school and working for a brief period, Dr. Josh decided it was time to pursue his dream of becoming a dentist and moved to Los Angeles, California. This strategically planned journey started with taking prerequisites simultaneously at University of California – Los Angeles and Los Angeles Community College before being accepted into New York University’s dental program. Dr. Josh was one of only two students that entered the class of 2010 without a college degree. 

After graduating from dental school, Dr. Josh moved to Houston, Texas to practice dentistry before meeting the love of his life who is a Beaverton native. Embracing their family values, Dr. Josh and his wife decided to move back to Beaverton and be closer to family and take advantage of many things that the Pacific Northwest had to offer.

Dr. Josh is involved in a local study club and has numerous certifications and accreditations. His nickname in dental school was “GDS (General Dental Studies) Josh” because of his talent to recreate natural and precise dentistry. But what is more important than the accreditations and memberships are his clinical skills and dedication to provide the highest level of care for each and every client that walks through his office doors.

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