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Veneers are a tooth colored shell that is just as strong as your natural enamel to reshape, whiten, or thicken the surfaces of your front teeth.


Tooth colored fillings are used to prevent further decay after removal in its early stages. It is meant to restore the function of a tooth and because it’s tooth colored, it also restores the appearance of the tooth as well. Depending on how extensive the cavity is, a tooth colored filling may not be possible and may harm the remaining tooth structure.

Crowns are used to restore the integrity of the tooth if a significant portion of the tooth is lost due to a cavity, wear, fracture, or a root canal by covering the visible portion of the tooth. A crown is permanently cemented on.


Sometimes cavities or fractures are near or expose the nerve of a tooth and require root canal therapy. Unfortunately, a tooth is very vulnerable at this depth and the nerve may become inflamed and will need to be treated. Teeth that are not promptly given therapy may develop pain and/or an abscess.


Dentures are a removable prosthetic that can fill one or all missing teeth. Depending on your preferences and several other factors, there are different types of dentures to choose from.

Bridges are the most common way to fill an empty space, usually after an extraction. Crowns are placed on the two neighboring teeth of an empty space and there is a false crown and they are all fused together. A dental bridge is cemented on and is not removable.


If a cavity is significant or a fracture is beyond the level to be restored or if there is significant bone loss around a tooth, an extraction is the recommended procedure. Teeth at this stage may already have pain and/or a dental abscess and need to be removed promptly to allow the body to control the infected area.

Implant crowns have become the golden standard of care for a missing space in most situations because they feel and act like natural teeth. The crown of a dental implant is independent of the neighboring teeth which makes brushing and flossing much easier.


Clear aligners are an alternative to metal braces in most cases to achieve straighter teeth. Just like metal braces, clear aligners gently guide teeth into position but is a great alternative for clients that want an easier way to maintain their oral hygiene and the freedom of a less restrictive diet compared to metal braces.

Whitening is a way to brighten your natural teeth at our office in 90 minutes. There are several factors that may affect the lifespan of your whitened teeth such as the types of food you eat.

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